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Biopsies, (MRI Fusion)

A biopsy is a medical test done by your doctor to extract cells or tissues to examine to the presence or the extent of a disease, such as cancer. Prostate biopsies, kidney biopsies and even biopsies of genital growths may be done by your physician. The samples are then sent to a pathologist to be examined more closely under a microscope and diagnosed and/or staged. Most of the time these are done under anesthesia at a surgical facility.

The Uro Center also offers MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Fusion biopsies. These biopsies use a high powered magnet to image particular parts of the body and has the ability to better image certain cancers, including prostate cancer.

Given the time it takes to acquire an MRI machine and process the film, this is usually not an ideal way, however, your doctor can use previously obtained MRI images and "fuse" these with real time ultrasound images allowing a more targeted biopsy. These are also done under sedation at the surgical facility, and a computer fuses the MRI image with the US image to complete this biopsy.